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' Music is the most abstract of all arts.'

Mostafa Baseq was born in Kabul Afghanistan. Growing up in The Netherlands since the age of five he had adapted to the music world. Being born into a family that has love for music, it was natural for him to develop an interest into the art of music. At an extraordinary young age he taught himself to produce music, record and mix audio tracks.

The history behind the artists name "MQ", comes from his full name. The letter "M" is from the first letter of his first name "Mostafa" ,and the letter "Q" is from the last letter of his last name "BaseQ"

Although MQ, has been living in the Netherlands, where the atmosphere, culture, language and people are much different than in Afghanistan, he still managed to grow his love and passion for Afghan culture and music. MQ's inspiration and motivation came from the legendary afghan singer Ahmad Zahir. Being so fascinated by his style of music, MQ started to have an interest rapping in Dari, Which refers to the dialects of modern Persian spoken in Afghanistan.

What makes MQ unique from other Afghan rappers is his pure and stunning “Afghani- rap style”. His music and lyrics are often personal, sometimes from a political point of view. But, mostly to make you dance, laugh and have a good time. MQ released his first mix tape "Khosh Amaden", Translation: (Welcome) back in 2008. Khosh Amaden gave a little taste of how MQ's style of rap is featuring songs like, Relax, Khosh Amaden and Style e' Mah. Followed by A promotional mix-tape in 2013 featuring the huge YouTube hit "Qataghani Rap".

MQ is currently working on a self produced solo project.

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